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Ace-hardware-industrial-strength-velcro, manufacturer : velcro product type: hook and loop fastener assembled length: 18 in. assembled width: 3/4 in. color: black adhesive backing: yes application: general purpose indoor and outdoor: indoor number in package: 1 pk sticky back. Related products : velcro(r) 15ft sticky back(r) tape (90082) velcro(r) hook & loop fastener; velcro 3/4″ x 15′ clear stickey tape (91325) velcro clear 3/4″ x 18″ sticky back tape (91326), i need some really strong velcro to mount my helmet camera. the stuff i want is mva8. an internet search came up with wholesale places that want to sell me 25 yards.. : got some industrial strength velcro and it works great. no movement at highway speeds or nothing. very pleased, joined: tue nov 13, 2012 10:13 pm posts: 6586 location: marietta, ga usa year: 2013 color: red pcx.

Good old boat magazine is a favorite publications for ideas. i found this project in issue 34 january / february 2004. the article on page 70 is entitled "let there be led light"., ok. i expect to get dissed on this one. where do you folks get velcro? you know, the good stuff that doesn't come apart? i wanna stick my heat.... To close the gap between the thrust tube and the fiberglass body, i made a custom "ring" of foam that fills the gap and stabilizes the tube. i cut a 1-1/2" wide plastic ring from a cd case cover which is about 5" in diameter and then custom glued it to just fit around the 3-3/4" thrust tube end., aug 22, 2013 - explore adelinebrossar's board "home - hooks" on pinterest. see more ideas about home hardware, hardware and retail shelving..

Guys, this has been driving me nuts. searched every and no find. looking for straps that are: 1. black 2. velcro, hook and loop straps 3. rugged (not rip if i pull hard) 4. to strap things on roll bar cage cause i like things strapped on roll bars. i once saw it on ebay specifically for...