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Ace-hardware-janitorial-ammonia, i got this bottle at ace hardware in davis, and it is ace hardware brand, and it is called "janitorial strength ammonia". on the label it says 10% ammonia. it didnt say what the rest was, but it is perfectly clear and when i shoke the bottle up really well there was no foam whatsoever.. Safety data sheets (sds) are designed to provide specific information regarding the properties of a particular chemical or substance. information in a sds form will advise the end user on handling and storage, environmental measures and proper disposal along with other pertinent information., i added 20 drops of the ace hardware janitorial ammonia (no additives) and this only brought the ammonia back up to.25 ppm (bear in mind this is a 3 gallon tank). but still no nitrites or nitrates. tank temperature is at a consistent 78f and i have several live plants (java fern, rotela, moss balls, and anubias nano) planted..

I put my scam juice in an old ace hardware janitorial ammonia jug. i'm sure after all of these infomercials ricky will jack up his juice price to $45 a gallon now . aug 30, 2019 #27 encapman member. joined oct 7, 2006 messages 1,921 location st petersburg, fl name rick gelinas jimmy l said: ..., gallon rooto, ultra clear 10% ammonia. industrial-strength ammonia is 300 x stronger than household ammonia. economical & environmentally friendly, rooto clear ammonia cleans, softens & sweetens, making all cleaning jobs easier..

Hello everyone, i am a newbie to the forum and also to fish in general, i have been reading tons of info on the internet and decided to purchase a 29 gallon tank and do a fishless cycle. i added 4ppm of the ace hardware janitorial ammonia to the water 3 weeks ago. i purchased an api master..., what is fishless cycling? to have sufficient amount of good bacteria in a new aquarium for the natural occurring aquarium nitrogen cycle, we must cycle the aquarium. otherwise, the fish will die.