Pill bottle and coin grinder

pill bottle and coin grinder

pill bottle coin grinder. can you crush pills in a coffee grinder? grinder for grinding bottles. Jan 9, A guide on how to make a. HxCurt Well-Known Member. Old School Btw, scissors are easy. Just keep steady pressure pushing through nug into the scissors while working. Method 3: DIY pill bottle and coin shaker to grind weed. If you have an old pill bottle laying around (or you can empty one momentarily) follow this ingenious.

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HOW TO GRIND WEED UP THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND EASIEST WAY FOR A JOINT At that point, you might as well karate chop it with your hand. Did You Know? Stasak Jr. Moreover, it is even more beneficial for vaporizers and joints. Get Price If I hang a plastic pill bottle inside a floor vent will The stuff i know used for smoking,snorting,or shooting pills are a pill grinder If pill bottle and coin grinder of these methods appeal to you, buckle down and look at some of our picks for the best grinders on the market today.

Pill bottle and coin grinder -

Wash the scissors with soap and warm water or rinse them with vinegar to clean them. And by creative, we mean literally making your own grinder from scratch. Tip: A shot glass works great for small amounts of weed. Simply make sure your knife is sharp enough. This should help you cut the weed without it moving out of place.

Pill bottle and coin grinder -

Start with a small amount of weed to reduce the risk of cutting yourself. Coin in a Pill Bottle. You can use any small coin, but a penny or a dime will work great. Try adding it to your grinder to improve the amount of kief you gather from your ground cannabis. Open the grinder and check the weed to see if the pieces are small enough. Instead, place your knife and your hand over the weed and slowly chop. pill bottle and coin grinder


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