Silver coins quarters and dimes

silver coins quarters and dimes

These coins were Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes as well as Silver Dollars until A Silver Dollar issued from or before contains The most commonly collected junk-silver U.S. coins were minted before Liberty Head "Barber," Standing Liberty and Washington quarters; Liberty and Roosevelt dimes; and Jefferson "Wartime" nickels. Roosevelt and Mercury. silver coins quarters and dimes

Silver coins quarters and dimes -

These are also sought and traded in the market based on the price of silver, however less well known. Jefferson Nickel Values covers the values of the higher condition silver nickels and how to judge the condition of your coins. Some have a reverse that features an eagle with eight tail feathers, while the reverse of other coins has an eagle with only seven tail feathers which is how many the birds actually have. However, you might find this chart below with silver dime value approximations useful: Junk Silver Dime Prices. Silver served as the ideal option because it was affordable, and the cost of producing the coins fell well below their face value. This may represent any combination of coins to arrive at that figure. Silver Quarter Years was the last year for silver quarters. If you are interested to read more about silver coins quarters and dimes full history of Canadian silver coinswe have a great blog post for you. The home page is an excellent index, quickly leading to the major coin series. Value of Silver Quarters Figuring out the melt value for your silver quarter is a straightforward calculation. There are also many guidebooks that can teach you which silver coins are worth saving due to their inherent rarity and numismatic value. A few dates are attracting a premium.


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