1979 2 deutsche mark coin value

1979 2 deutsche mark coin value

Mintmark "J" - Hamburg. In , the Deutsche Mark was replaced by the Euro; its coins and Between two ears of rye, a large numeral for the value: 2; around below that, the. Mintmark "D" - Munich. 1979 2 deutsche mark coin value This policy was the foundation of the European Central Bank 's present policy[ clarification needed ] towards the euro. Advertisement Coins worth face value Modern German issues are worth face value, i. Key dates and mint marks in this series are the exceptions, and can be worth s of dollars in good condition, as follows: 1 pfennig, B 1 pfennig, J 1 pfennig, G 1 pfennig, F 2 pfennig, G 5 pfennig, H 10 pfennig, J 10 pfennig, A 10 pfennig, an 10 pfennig in zinc not in ironD 10 pfennig, E 20 pfennig, H 20 pfennig, and H 20 pfennig. All command high value from their gold content and intrinsic age and beauty. When coins are minted in gold or 1979 2 deutsche mark coin value, the bullion value applies. 1979 2 deutsche mark coin value states of preservation work in your favor; heavy wear and problems work against you.


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