1867 5 cent coin

1867 5 cent coin

Coins with rays are rarer and will almost always sell for a higher price than the same year Nickel without rays surrounding the 5 cent face value. The designer was James Barton Longacre for PCGS # Visit to see edge, weight, diameter, auction records, price guide values and more for this coin. Shield Nickel With Rays Beautiful High Grade Coin Rare Date. $ Shield 5 Cent Piece "Awesome Coin" 8. $

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Canada 1 Cent 5 Cents Coins 1967 Confederation 1867-1967 100th Anniversary

1867 5 cent coin -

The design of the coins was widely criticized, with Wharton describing the shield design as suggesting "a tombstone surmounted by a cross and overhung by weeping willows. One of those coins is known as the Shield Nickel, and is a 5-cent coin that was produced through the middle parts of the 19th century. Numismatic historian Don Taxay , in his history of the United States Mint and its coins, noted that Linderman had proposed legislation increasing the proportion of nickel in the alloy to a third despite having earlier opposed the use of nickel in coins. Originally, these coins were known as half dimes and were made of silver. The initial variety, known as the "close 3" or "closed 3" was struck first. As soon as the Shield Nickels were first being produced by the US Mint, it quickly became realized that it was not going to be a simple process. Pricing the Shield Nickel In order to give an Shield Nickel a price, you must first look at the reverse side and determine whether it is a piece with or without rays. 1867 5 cent coin One of those coins is known as the Shield Nickel, and is a 5-cent coin that was produced through the middle parts 1867 5 cent coin the 19th century. Further, the pristine coin will have retained most of its original luster such that it appears shiny—extremely shiny for a coin produced in the s. CoinStudy My hash cloud mining. Further, whether this coin has rays surrounding the numeral 5 on the reverse is something that can affect the price. These coins have been circulated for many years and look like it too. These coins led to a complaint by the chief coiner, A. Fine: Shield Nickels 1867 5 cent coin to be Fine are ones that saw a good amount of time exchanging hands.


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