1942 german coin

1942 german coin

German Reich () and Greater German Reich (–) coin Nazi Germany 5 mark 5 mark coin Nazi Germany 50 pfennig Buy It Now. $0 Shipping. Location: Lincoln Park,NJ,USA. B Nazi German Zinc 1 Reichspfennig Coin-B-Vienna Mint-Hitler Era $. Buy It Now. The zinc 5 Reichspfennig coin was minted by Nazi Germany between 19during World War II, replacing the bronze-aluminum version, which had a.

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1942 Historical German Coin Good for educational projects to help children learn about 1942 german coin nations or just having the fun of sorting through a pile of world coins. That is pretty cool that you found one in change! Don't miss your chance to get real old foreign money and be the intelligent investor. It's still in a jar along with wheat 1942 german coin, worn out mercury dimes and the odd foreign coins I've found in my change over the years. Good gift idea as coins for kids because it can be used as coins for games. 1942 german coin


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