1979 susan b anthony coin worth

1979 susan b anthony coin worth

On the Narrow Rim variety, the rim has been cut back, is sharper, and the 1 and 9 are farther away. In MS65 and MS66, the Wide Rim has a value. The Susan B. Anthony dollar is a United States dollar coin minted from to , when production was suspended due to poor public acceptance, and then​. P Wide Rim (a.k.a. Near Date) The mint created two working coin hubs in that yielded two different types of obverse dies. The first. 1979 susan b anthony coin worth

1979 susan b anthony coin worth -

However, due to a lack of popularity amongst coin collectors, the Susan B. Anthony dollar was widely confused for that denomination in transactions. Indeed, there are many wonderful challenges and avenues of discovery just waiting for anybody who wishes to endeavor upon building a collection of these modern dollar coins. Anthony dollars age, more and more collectors are taking the time to study these coins with care. Anthony dollar was to encourage the public to use dollar coins instead of dollar bills. Despite their unpopularity in transactions, Anthony dollars began to see heavy use in over 9, stamp-dispensing machines situated in United States Postal Service buildings across the country beginning in the early s. The United States government geared up to release the first Sacagawea "golden" dollar coins in Background[ edit ] The Eisenhower dollar was authorized by a bill signed into law on December 31, Anthony dollar left and the Washington quarter right caused immediate confusion in transactions. The Anthony dollar was the first coin to bear a 1979 susan b anthony coin worth mint mark since the Jefferson nickel issued during World War II ; other coins struck there were left without a mintmark to note their place of origin. The new coin was very unpopular with the public. Mintages shrank in and inthe Susan B. Wide Rim? Anthony dollars don't much circulate these days.

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1979 Blob Mint Mark Dollar - Is This A Rare Susan Anthony Dollar


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