Ancient cleopatra coin

ancient cleopatra coin

Get the best deals on cleopatra coin when you shop the largest Ancient Greek Cleopatra VII Authentic Small Bronze Coin with COA. Juba's wife Cleopatra was the daughter of Mark Antony and the famous Cleopatra VII of Ancient - GREEK COINS AR Tetradrachm – BC, CLEOPATRA. Feb 5, - Authentic ancient coins of famous 'Pharaoh' Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt for sale. Los Angeles, California, USA.****.

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ancient coin cleopatra and mark antony denarius 34 B.C However, unlike Octavia and other Roman women, Cleopatra is named and her titles given. Perrin Nusmismatic evidence bears out Plutarch's testimony. After Antony's conquest of Armenia in 34 BC the relationship ancient cleopatra coin on coinage. By placing Cleopatra on his coins instead of Octavia, Antony visibly distanced himself from Octavia and her brother Octavian. Though no literary sources state that this ancient cleopatra coin was within her control, the fact that coins were struck with her portrait suggests that Damascus was given to her by Antony along with other territories.


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