Bulgarian coins in circulation

bulgarian coins in circulation

In a commemorative circulation issue of the 2 leva coin was issued. These coins are not found in general circulation. The complete online resource dedicated to Bulgarian coins • Detailed coin information and actual quality pictures • Bulgarian coin news, interesting facts and. Bulgaria - Coin catalog. Bulgaria>Republic of Bulgaria| - Circulation coins. bulgarian coins in circulation The state emblem is depicted on the obverse of all coins, which went through several changes. Prices for goods were replaced at a rate of The 2 lev banknote was used very frequently as the lowest denomination paper currency. I encountered the following coins in circulating 1 stotinka, 2 stotinki, 5 stotinki, 10 stotinki, 25 stotinki, 50 stotinki, and 1 lev. Incoins up to bulgarian coins in circulation replaced notes, although lev notes were issued between and


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