Cleopatra coin image

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The New Face of Cleopatra (Photoshop Reconstruction)

: Cleopatra coin image

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Cleopatra coin image 29
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Cleopatra coin image


  1. В @MonВ  This Trick is really helpful even though its not new. I also like to open doors with my drone on one sude, while my squad pushes the other side, so the enemys are distracted

  2. One thing to consider is the volume of new crypto investors in 2021. Most of these will have gravitated towards BSC due to the low fees. Therefore, those hoping for a bounce back to Eth when it upgrades are high on hopium. The Stats don't lie. Good work George.

  3. Let's say i order a gift card for 100 usd, i sold a item for 97 usd. Can i send those 3 usd to another gift card, or what should i do with those 3 usd?

  4. I've been listening to you for about 6 months now and I've always wondered why you get a sugar rush before you end your videos. When I first started watching you I thought you ending the video was prerecorded

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