Coin or coins

coin or coins

Coins is the normal plural of coin. Singular nouns are sometimes used with numerals over 1, but this usage is dialectal or archaic. coin (countable and uncountable, plural coins). (money) A piece of currency, usually metallic and in the shape of a disc, but sometimes polygonal, or with a hole. I asked for £10 in 20p coins. picture of coin. Pando Hall/Photographer's Choice/​GettyImages.

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USB COIN MICROSCOPE, MAGNIFIERS, SCALE \u0026 MORE TOOLS TO FIND RARE COINS WORTH MONEY! BEGINNERS PT10 You can then swap it for something of equal value later. Even the smallest-denomination electrum coins, perhaps worth about a day's subsistence, would have been too valuable for buying a loaf of bread. Coin or coins coin. The first electrum coins issued by a monarch are those minty by king Alyattes of Lydia died c. Rose and Pollux Onamastikon Coin or coins. coin or coins


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