1. Correct. You will need balance for the gas fee, so never transfer erc20 tokens if you dont want to get stuck. Gas fee is expensive. I cant even withdraw my 3DEXE as its asking me to pay $70 ETH 🤦🏻

  2. I'm not a pro gamer, this is not a JOB. I'm gonna game on whatever I have, which is what I had been able to afford a few years back - a 10 year old CPU and a 5 year old midrange GPU. Screw you for suggesting that I don't deserve to game just because my hardware isn't top notch or up-to-date.

  3. В @Mohammd HaflzВ  be honest is that true what you saying? It seems to me That u guys are scammers!!

  4. Is there a video that shows the actual home page and functions as the platform? My coinbase.com looks and acts differently

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