Elsword stewardship coin

elsword stewardship coin

Notas de Atualização - Rotação de Ice Burner - Stella's Stewardship Coin Ajustes - Atualização Magic Wardrobe - Novos Items na Loja de Cash - Raul's Vassal. If you set up and retain a security pin code on your account, you will receive a Stewardship Coin every day at 3 AM server time. No need to log on at this exact. If you have set up a pin code for your account the stewardship coins can be exchanged for items with Stella at Bethma. With a bunch of these.

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You should really be working on that first before you go into Henir, especially since a lot elsword stewardship coin the skills and passives you get to unlock there help an awful lot The last unlock you will need to do is at Level 95, looks like you still got a bit of leveling to do. Her search would lead to Elsword stewardship coinwho had noticed that strange activities were occurring in his closed down mines. Spamming it at least five times a day will also reward you with some Sage Stones. Due to certain disputes regarding her mannerisms and methods, her position was reassigned to the Bethma region. Chapter 5: The uprising problem of Bethma Unfortunately, their search was preemptively halted as the Lizardman uprising started to peak its head. Another traveler. She sent out a message to Hagus to call for the El Search Party. elsword stewardship coin


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