Iraq coins

iraq coins

Iraq coins online. Find the best selection from the most respected coins dealers around the world. Visit Now! Coins were introduced in 19in denominations of round 1, and 2 fils in bronze, and scalloped 4, and 10, fils in nickel. 20, 50, and. Coins & Currencies Iraq Dinars Banknote in UNC Rare Collection Items: Toys & Games.

Iraq coins -

For a wider history surrounding currency in the region, see British currency in the Middle East. Diameter: 34 mm. KM 98 10 Fils. Value in center circle. Such exchange services and companies sell dinars at an inflated price, pushing the idea that the dinar would sharply increase in value to a profitable exchange rate some time in the future, instead of being redenominated. The Dirham was equal to 50 Fils. The main currency unit was the Iraqi Dinar, which consisted of 5 Riyals. KM 96 2 Fils. Iraq coins substituted nickel in the 5 and 10 fils from to during the World War II period and reverted to nickel in Edge: Reeded. Coin production ceased after due to the emergency conditions generated by the Gulf War and international sanctions. The rarest coins in the series are iraq coins Fils and the 20 Fils with the Hijra date error.


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