Is a shilling coin worth anything

is a shilling coin worth anything

Today, old British coins are now only valuable to collectors and antiquarians. Museums sometimes display their collections of old coins and the. United Kingdom UK Great Britain GEORGE VI Silver Shilling Coin LION i Saved by Ilya Zlobin. Rare Coins Worth MoneyValuable CoinsRare​. The shilling (1/-) was a coin used in the United Kingdom and its dependencies, worth one twentieth of a pound sterling, or twelve pence. is a shilling coin worth anything

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1948 United Kingdom 1 Shilling Coin • Values, Information, Mintage, History, and More A slang name for a shilling was a "bob" plural as singular, as in "that cost me two bob". Any values that were less than a pound were referred to in shillings and pence. So what was money like in the s? How much is a shilling worth if you were going is a shilling coin worth anything buy something with it? Have you ever thought about what day-to-day expenses were in the days before the Iron Curtain fell across Europe? Below the pound where the shillings and pennies, although a dizzying variety of coins combine these two.


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