Israeli 10 coin

israeli 10 coin

Product description. 10 Agorot coin is one of New Israeli Sheqel (NIS) coin series​, also known as simply the Israeli shekel (sign: ₪, code: ILS). Israeli agorot and. SKU: coinILS Categories:Currencies, Current Israeli New Shekel Coins, Israeli New Sheqalim. Share. Additional information. Dimensions. 22× mm. Visit the World Coin Price Guide on to see prices for Israel 10 Agorot coins, as well as images, mintage info, composition details and design notes.

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🕎 Israel Lucky Coin Jewishes. 10 Agorot Candle. Đồng tiền may mắn Do Thái Thus, the year AD appears as Zalman Shazar was israeli 10 coin the first Minister of Education and during his tenure the compulsory education law was passed What can you buy with a shekel? Israeli 10 coin text next to him is a part of his speech, given as the Israeli flag was raised in the UN. Israeli Money — bills: 20 shekel bill All the Israeli banknotes feature a portrait of a public figure. Another new feature in direct conversion is as follows: it shows you which ordinal year of the Hebrew calendar corresponds to the entered Jewish numerals. israeli 10 coin


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