Maximus coin

The front of this coin portrays the Emperor Maximus facing right. On the back Maximus is shown standing, holding a spear and a rod as two standards flutter. Date: A.D. - A.D. ; Denomination: Siliqua; Mint: Aquileia; Obverse: D N MAG MA-XIMVS P F AVG: Bust of Magnus Maximus. Home / Ancient Coins / Maximus I – AD Silver Denarius Ancient Roman Coin MS++ UNC BU Pax Spink #AC

Maximus coin -

Maximus spent at least enough time in the eternal city to nearly marry one of her noblewomen. Is this a gift? I have many beautiful authentic and true vintage pieces in my inventory and I would be thrilled to create a custom piece for you! Interested in having a special piece made from your own beautiful treasures? This coin is not competing in any sets. Thenceforth, many Augusti, notably the philhellene Emperor Hadrian, invested in the glorification of the city and its demesnes. Let us know and we will keep the description card with your item but remove the price tag. Maximus coin region abounds with historical significance, notably the epic Trojan War that devastated its most legendary city. Your item will arrive in our signature damask packaging. Depending on the size of the item, it will either come in a beautiful and reusable organza bag or a black gift box with damask tissue. Rest assured after many years as an antique dealer, you can be comfortable with my knowledge and place your trust in my descriptions to maximus coin you know exactly what was maximus coin in each design. For the ancient Romans, the Troad held special interest.


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