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Bulgarian entrepreneur Ruja Ignatova wanted to "bury BitCoin" and created a new cryptocurrency that was to change the world: "OneCoin". Onelife is as revolutionary business concept that aims to bring numerous opportunities to those who want to take charge of their life. About Onelife. img. OneCoin is a Ponzi scheme promoted as a cryptocurrency by Bulgaria-based offshore companies OneCoin Ltd (registered in Dubai) and OneLife Network Ltd​.

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It was easy: you purchased OneCoin tokens, and these then generated coins, which went into your account. OneCoin was still growing fast, and Dr Ruja was starting to spend her new fortune: buying multi-million-dollar properties in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and the Black Sea resort of Sozopol. Investors might not have understood the technology, but they could see her talking to huge audiences, or at the Economist conference. His wife, Andreea Cimbala, nods along, adding that if he wakes up and puts on pink underwear, he sticks to pink as he chooses his shirt, trousers and jacket. Around the same time, the US authorities charged Dr Ruja in absentia for wire fraud, security fraud and money laundering. Among the most active there is Scot Jen McAdam, who together with friends and family saw , pounds vanish. After the appearance of the first cracks in the golden castle of "OneCoin", in Ignatova disappeared into thin air, and since then all traces of hers have been lost.

One coin -

She started asking the leaders of her OneCoin group if there was a blockchain. It's easy as that. I sell a box to my friends, Georgia and Phil, and make a small cut. Her brother, Konstantin Ignatova, replaced her as the face and manager of the company. The exchange was shut down without notice in January , though individuals affiliated with the scheme continue to accept funds. He tells me he's received death threats as a result of speaking out. It's easy as that. She told people she had invented a cryptocurrency to rival Bitcoin, and persuaded them to invest billions. And Peragon was owned by another company called Artefix, one coin was owned by Ruja's mother, Veska. It turned out to be a shouting match, but it would send McAdam's life in a new direction. One coin exchange was the only way for affiliates to cash out. On 1 Marchwithout notice, OneCoin issued an internal notice that the market would be closed for two weeks for maintenance, explaining that this was necessary due to one coin high number of miners and for "better integration with blockchain". one coin


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  4. But, whilst that motivates us to do what government wants, it does not absolve us from true responsibility.

  5. Massive thumbs up for this video. I’ve learnt a lot. Ive got a few XLM and done well the last few week. I’ll be dumping once I’ve done even better. Thanks Guy!!

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