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Quintillus. ( or 11/) Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus. Quintillus brother Claudius II, was proclaimed by august troops at Aquileia after the latter's. Roman Imperial Quintillus coins. Emperor Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus (​). coin Roman Empire Quintillus antoninianus. IMP C M AVR CL QVINTILLVS​. Typological Description · Date: AD · Object Type: Coin · Manufacture: Struck · Denomination: Antoninianus · Material: Silver · Authority. Authority: Quintillus.

Quintillus coins -

At the same time, he halted attempts by the senate to murder supporters of Gallienus in Rome, persuading them to deify his predecessor. There appear to be no PAS examples to date. Four issues of coinage are apparent at Siscia with up to four workshops striking in the latest issues of his reign. He secured an important victory against the Alemanni at Lake Garda in late AD , earning the title Germanicus Maximus as a result, before heading to Rome to celebrate the triumph and his elevation as emperor. The bust type for Claudius is also different from that of Rome or Siscia — his head appears slightly rounder with bust types that are mostly but not always, of course! It should be noted though that work is ongoing to provide an updated revision of RIC V. ADmint of Rome. Do remember that if you are recording Quintillus coins Claudius types on the PAS there is a separate dropdown option on the numismatic page for irregular copies! Quintillus was either killed or committed suicide shortly after this. By far the most common are the Mars types 14 coinswith the Quintillus coins and Concordia both having similar numbers 5 each. References and further reading: R.


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