Saddle ridge hoard coins

saddle ridge hoard coins

The Saddle Ridge Hoard is the name given to identify a treasure trove of 1, gold coins unearthed in the Gold Country of the Sierra Nevada, California in The face value of the coins totaled $27,, but was assessed to be worth $ The gold coins that were discovered in the Saddle Ridge hoard are worth 10 million dollars, yet no one knows where they came from. filled with s-era U.S. gold coins unearthed in California by two people who want to remain anonymous. Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers.

: Saddle ridge hoard coins

Saddle ridge hoard coins Nancy Oliver, who wrote two books on the San Francisco mint, says the mint was generally in saddle ridge hoard coins business of making new money—not collecting old money—whereas the coins discovered by the couple are dated over a span of almost 50 years, from to Still, if the coins were taken from the Mint cashier, they may have pulled them from a certain area where similar denominations and mintings were all gathered together. The center of the treasure trove was located ten steps between the jagged rock and the direction of the North Star. Mint stated that "[they] do not have any information linking saddle ridge hoard coins Saddle Ridge Hoard coins to any thefts at any United States Mint facility", [16] [17] and "[they've] done quite a bit of research, and we've got a crack team of lawyers, and trust me, if this was U. Not likely. Perhaps the thieves did as Mudd imagined.
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Ripple coin price One morning in February ofmuch like any other saddle ridge hoard coins, a couple in California were walking their dog along their property. According to a post on the U. Then read about the search for the missing Amber room. Mint Condition Aside from sheer quantity, one of the extraordinary features of the Saddle Ridge Hoard is the condition of the coins. That's Dahlonega, Georgia.
saddle ridge hoard coins

Saddle ridge hoard coins -

So they bury the loot and come back later to retrieve it — unless they never get to. But the loot, to this day, has not been found. Given the timing and the value of the coins stolen, it would make sense. List of Suspects Based on the dates of the coins and the cans they were found in, experts believe that the hoard may have been buried over a span of time, but surely not after the early years of the 20th century. The woman, Mary, had spotted an old tin can poking out of the ground.


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