1. Very cool making your own NFT Samuel! I think only time can tell if this will maintain and eventually gain more momentum. I love the idea and I love that it provides a way for artists to get royalties for the life of the artwork. But, like many things that exist on blockchains, it's niche and getting the currency required to actually buy the items can really be a pain in a way that I think seriously hinders adoption. I think at least until (assuming it does) crypto gains mass adoption, everything should be able to be easily bought and sold using local currencies. The systems can automatically convert to and from crypto and charge a small convenience fee for doing so.

  2. Allowing rounding, logarithmically distributed; that is, 10^0, 10^(1/3), 10^(2/3), 10^(1), 10^(4/3), 10^(5/3) ...

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