Twist n crimp coin

twist n crimp coin

Description. The Twist-n-crimp coin wrapsealer is a revolutionary, patented product that will crimp the open end of a roll of coins just like the bank does. It easily crimps quarters, nickles, pennies and dimes. I recommend this for anyone who rolls a lot of coins! Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New. I've seen many reviews on Amazon, about how it only works with a certain type and brand of coin rolls, and it does not work with flat coin rolls. twist n crimp coin

Twist n crimp coin -

I would have liked to see the first initial of the denomination, like P, N, D, and Q, as they would probably be more readable. Read more Do not waste time or coins on this one, a real looser IMHO! I don't use it. However, I still like it. Out of the three types of top end coin wrappers I use this tool only did a half-butt job on the N. Make sure to watch the instructional video on Youtube on how to use it Tip: use a light touch. I tossed twist n crimp coin into the trash after giving it a real work-out. Now that looks nothing like a preformed crimp but for sure does not look like you just smashed the wrapper down. But if you get shot gun shell wrappers, this tool works perfectly and I am happy with the result. These are two cheapo made plastic blocks that don't actually work. I'm returning these for a refund


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