1. В @е‡ЂиЉѓJing PengВ  In my case, it took within 10 minutes to arrive. If haven't arrive, you can try asking the support

  2. В @WandeReview VlogsВ  same question po. using teller po yan. may nakalagay po na show this QR code to deposit/withdraw money pero contact no. lang po lumalabas

  3. It totally depends upon how much risk you want to take with Casper Tokens sale. Just imagine a guy who bought FLOW tokens when it's $7, maybe certainly crying in a corner looking at its price now ie $36. But it's also possible that it got rot, and made a big $0. So, if you have enough money that you okay to lose then choose option 1 or choose option 3 if you don't want to take that much of risk in Casper token sale on Coinlist

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