Us mint dollar coins credit card

us mint dollar coins credit card

Recently the practice caught a LOT of press with an NPR piece and as of today, you can no longer buy dollar coins with a credit or debit card (per. Easy credit card miles? However there is a segment of the population that happens to love these coins and that all started when the U.S. Mint. For folks new to our hobby, the US Mint deal was a government program that allowed you to buy dollar coins with a credit card without a fee.

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No problem. I'm peeved at the sneaky consumers who have made life a little more difficult for the intrepid coin collector, a title I once held as a kid when I had more of a disposable income. The coins were delivered. But I happened to find a way to help meet minimum spending requirements sort of buying coins with a credit card! Credit card companies, shoveling out the rewards but getting no interest and only one interchange fee, can't be too happy about this either. I withdrew it, us mint dollar coins credit card my computer, and life was good. us mint dollar coins credit card


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