How to hide in coin master

how to hide in coin master

How do I remove a friend from my game? How to protect your village from attacks · How can I trade gold cards? Chest Probability · Master Heists. Here you may to know how to hide village in coin master. Watch the video explanation about Hide Mode Ghost mode In Coin Master | How To apply | Advantage. Answer to this query is that you can hide your village by removing your account from Facebook settings. The web you click on settings on.

How to hide in coin master -

Wondering what is coin master ghost mode? To switch between accounts some people use an app cloner so they can have multiple versions of Coin Master and Facebook on the same device; others use different devices. Ghost Mode on Coin Master is one of them as well. If your rhino is not fed, he will be inactive, which would render your village vulnerable for enemy attacks and raids. What is Coin Master Ghost Mode? But along with officially acclaimed features of Coin Master, there are many other tips and tricks that are founded by the game community. You can also try out this trick when playing coin master on PC. First is to change the date of your phone. You have just learned the way about how to activate ghost mode on Coin Master. Ghost mode on Coin Master is not officially recognized by the game developer Moon Active how to hide in coin master it is being used by many players around the world. how to hide in coin master


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