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Kitchen-sink-wont-drain-no-clog, call with backed up drain ,snaked and flushed out good with water hose after snaking the drain 3 times .also cleaned up dishwasher drain discharge hose snake.... Re: no clog, won't drain; author: lemonplumber (fl) how old is the new piping?was it done by a plumber?unless you have poured something down the drain which you should not have ,like fish tank gravel .latex paint ect.you should not be having a problem.you could try wet vacuuming the drain,exercise caution since you have added acid to the drain in the form of drain o .but professional ..., it may be necessary to clean your kitchen drain’s p-trap to clear the clog. the p-trap is at the curve of the drainpipe under the sink, usually inside a cabinet. place a pan or bucket underneath the drain to catch any water or debris that may fall out. unfasten the p-trap from the drainpipe and clear out anything that is stuck..

Donations appreciated - click in upper right corner "info" circle. how to fix a plugged kitchen sink that won't drain. if your sink is backed up, clogged, and won't drain, this video will show you ..., plumbing and piping - sink won't drain but pipes are not clogged? - i put in a new pop-up assembly in my bathroom sink. now the sink won't drain. i took everything a part, checked for a clog and.

Troubleshooting: tackle kitchen sink drains like you tackle bathroom sinks. start by running very hot water down the drain to soften the clog, followed by a dollop of dish detergent and then more hot water. wait a few minutes, and then use a plunger and repeat the hot water., we've been having issues with our kitchen sink. it's a double sided sink and it doesn't drain properly. we checked the pipes underneathe the sibk and they're clean. if i pour drain cleaner down the sink and let it sit i can usually get the sink to drain for a few hours but then it'll just back up again. it also randomly fills with water even if we don't use it (this started happening 2 days ....

We are having a plumbing problem with the kitchen sink draining. the dishwasher ( for the most part) drains, but the kitchen sink does not. we have tried the regular drain cleaners with no success. then on the internet it said to try sulfuric ac..., drain clogs can become serious problems if left untreated. so if your kitchen sink won’t drain, and you’ve tried a few of our tricks, don’t wait to call on us. we know how important your kitchen sink is, and how frustrating drain clogs can be.