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Kitchenaid-refrigerator-ice-maker-red-light-blinking, the ice maker may blink to alert you to an issue for a few reasons. fortunately, there are several ways to remedy a blinking light issue on the kitchenaid ice maker, once you know why the irritating lights are pulsing.. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! i have a kitchenaid refrigerator model number ksrg25fkss15. the ice maker quit and there is a red light blinking twice by it. the manual doesn't address anything about that., visit the post for more.. Kitchenaid refrigerator ice maker not working red light blinking janeth keslar august 13, 2018 refrigerator ice maker blinking red refrigerator ice maker blinking red refrigerator ice maker blinking red fix an icemaker easy repair, i have a kitchenaid side-by-side refrigerator. the icemaker is not working, and the light on the inside of the freezer on the upper right side is blinking red, where the icemaker on/off button is. the icemaker is turned on. i changed the water filter (i thought the filter might be the problem) but it's still not making any ice..

The ice maker switch may have been inadvertently turned off, which is why the ge profile ice maker light is not coming on. repair clinic recommends that you locate the ice maker switch and make sure that it is turned on before breaking out the multimeter. if the ice maker is turned on and still not producing ice or showing any lights, then you may need to check that the switch has continuity ..., our ice maker has stopped producing ice and the on/off switch light is blinking in series of 2 blinks.