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Kitchenaid-refrigerator-leaking-water-on-floor, what to check if your kitchenaid refrigerator is leaking if your refrigerator is leaking or you see water on the floor check the following areas: water supply line is cracked or damaged tubing is firmly connected at all connection points. If the defrost drain is frozen, the water will overflow the drain trough and drip down to the bottom of the compartment. this water can eventually leak onto the floor. check the defrost drain to determine if it is clogged or frozen. if the defrost drain is frozen, thaw the ice., if your refrigerator leaks water intermittently, the issue may be from high humidity or leaving the refrigerator door open for long periods of time. a clogged defrost drain tube causes the water to overflow and leakout of the bottom of the refrigerator. read all the information below to understand what can cause your refrigerator to leak water….

You whirlpool/kitchenaid bottom freezer refrigerator folks experiencing ice buildup on the freezer chest floor and water leaks on the floor should check out the whirlpool technical service bulletin #w10632338 released august 2013. there is a p-trap drain available to replace the duckbill drain valve., i have a kitchenaid refrigerator and water is leaking from the bottom. this double door model has the freezer on the bottom. contractor's assistant: is your kitchenaid fridge level with the ground, or tipped slightly forward? how old is it? about five years old and it is level with floor which is also level this just started a day ago.

Cause 2: from time to time, a clogged or frozen water supply line will cause water to puddle beneath the refrigerator.it will also affect ice production from the ice maker and slow or stop water ..., to begin fixing the refrigerator water line leak, disconnect one end of the leaking tube by pressing in on the inner ring with needlenose pliers to release the tube. if there isn’t a quick-connect coupling, simply cut the tube with a sharp utility knife. cut off the damaged tubing with a sharp ....

Water on the floor around a refrigerator is enough to make anyone nervous. but often there's a simple reason for the problem--and an easy cure. the key is locating the source. follow these steps to..., frigidaire refrigerators with ice makers are connected to the main water line via a water supply line that has a shut-off valve. when your frigidaire is first installed, a company representative connects the ice maker to the supply line by a copper tubing, which is recommended.