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Kitchenaid-refrigerator-not-working, using repair clinic's kitchenaid refrigerator troubleshooting guide is easy. browse our list of common symptoms until you see something familiar. next, type your model number in the search field so you can find the proper parts to solve your fridge problems.. Start right here find appliance parts, lawn & garden equipment parts, heating & cooling parts and more from the top brands in the industry here. click on shop parts, or select the kind of product you're working with on the left and we'll help you find the right part. shop parts, another possible cause of a kitchenaid refrigerator not cooling is a faulty start relay. the start relay helps to start the compressor, and thus cool the refrigerator. if this relay isn’t working, the compressor won’t run and temperatures will rise. you can test the start relay with a multimeter and replace it if necessary..

Kitchenaid refrigerator troubleshooting any modern refrigerator is a complex system, where the majority of parts interact with each other. in case of damage of one part, the entire system can fall out, if a breakdown is not corrected in time., first, ensure that ice is not jammed in the ejector arm of the ice maker. remove jammed ice from the ejector arm using only a plastic utensil so the ice maker is not damaged. this will likely resolve the issue..

If the refrigerator is not cooling properly, check to make sure the refrigerator is turned on. some refrigerators need to be manually turned back on after a power outage or power surge. the refrigerator could also accidentally be turned off during routine cleaning., why is my refrigerator not cooling? a guide to causes, fixes, and when to say goodbye. if you are questioning the functionality of your fridge or freezer, a great place to start is knowing the answer to the question: “how cold should a refrigerator be?”.

I need your help with common kitchenaid refrigerator problems. there was a debated recall for the kitchenaid side by side fridges made up through 2007, because the freezers were warmer than the ..., refrigerator not working right? this expert refrigerator troubleshooting and repair advice includes how to fix refrigerator problems such as poor cooling, running constantly, not working at all, not defrosting, rattling or making noises, giving off odors, and more.. The problem is most likely the power board. i don't have a tech sheet or wire diagram for that particular model. if you can post a copy of your wire diagram i can give you the pinouts to check the voltage. it's located under the top right hinge cover.