Klotz-snowmobile-oil-test, freddie jacobs jacobs motorsports 318 mary st. utica,ny. 13501 315-724-1695. Page 1 of 2 - oil test results - posted in rev chassis - performance and trail models: check out theses test results, some of the big name high end aftermarket oils (amsoil, klotz and torco) didnt fare as well as oem ski doo xps2 oil quote(sledhead800 @ jan 9 2006, 09:11 am) anyone with real results with the following oils please post thanks. redline injector maxima tundra legendzx2r torco spo ..., klotz oil & more klotz oil incorporates 50-plus years of synthetic lubricant knowledge and experience, countless hours of dyno-testing, and lap after lap of on-track testing. exclusive technologies allow klotz motor oil and lubricants to provide superior protection for critical engine parts, along with reduced power-robbing friction..

Philosophy: the philosophy of klotz is clear: we will settle for nothing short of perfection. to do this, our engineers apply the newest materials and components... Найден по ссылке: klotz oil. klotz racing technology converts hi-test pump gasoline into high octane racing gasoline. foam air filter applications.. link to klotz oil website.. klotz has 50 years of real-world ..., this item: snowmobile techniplate, 128 ounce gallon $42.00. sold by klotz estorlin and ships from amazon fulfillment. free shipping. details. chain case lube, 12 ounce $11.50. sold by klotz estorlin and ships from amazon fulfillment. free shipping on orders over $25. details. ngk 5722 br9es standard spark plug, pack of 4 $10.33..

I have a yamaha banshee, i was running klotz supertechniplate, but i got a free bottle of amsoil dominator and i mixed it at the same 32:1 ratio, it seems to have alittle more kick in hp using it, the base oils themselfs the amsoil seems thinner than the klotz, the klotz is said to be good at protection since it conatins 20% castor bean oil 80% synthetic, amsoil is of course 100% synthetic ..., mystik jt4 full synthetic contains some degree of ester synthetic base oil. motul 800, maxima k2, bel-ray h1-r, red line racing and silkoline pro 2, ipone samourai and klotz -r50 contain ester synthetic base oils. mystik jt4 full synthetic is $15+ a quart quality oil, for less than $10 a quart. stihl hp ultra ester synthetic is $100 per gallon..

Dear ralph: my dealer is laying that “use only my oil†routine on me pretty thick. i know you guys test all kinds of oils on a daily basis, so my question is this; what kind of oil do you prefer to use in your sleds? peter amundson lakeville, mn..., do not, i repeat, do not listen to anyone who tells you that all 2-stroke sled oil is the same. while some snowmobiles may actually start and run on many kinds of 2-stroke oil, ski-doo’s more advanced e-tec 2-stroke engine will not, at least it will not run as well, or as long, on lower grade oils.