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You-clean-a-stainless-steel-coffee-mug, clean a stainless steel coffee mug with baking soda. stainless steel coffee mugs have long been used for their durability, keeping coffee warm while holding their like-new appearance. when you use this kind of coffee mug repeatedly for an extended period of time, however, residue and odor often build up inside.. How to clean coffee stain from stainless steel mug. it is rare to find a person who doesn’t enjoy at least one coffee throughout the day. with the busy lives, we lead, it is normal that our coffee is poured into a travel mug and taken out the door., if you use a vacuum-insulated stainless steel container or travel mug for your morning coffee, you can employ some of my favorite ingredients to clean and deodorize it. put a tablespoon or two of....

Rinse your stainless steel travel mug out with water. spray a few bursts of clr inside, and then slowly fill the mug up to the brim with hot water. if you’re extra fancy, use very hot water from an electric water kettle or equivalent., many people choose stainless steel coffee cups, mugs, and thermoses over other materials because it keeps the liquids so warm. using them is simple, but cleaning them takes a little more effort. keep reading for information on how to keep your stainless steel looking new..

To clean a stainless steel coffee carafe, drop one cup of baking soda in the thermos or carafe and fill the container with hot water.scrub the inside of the container with a bottle brush until all the stains are gone. empty the stainless steel pot or cup, rinse it well, and dry it with a paper towel., stainless steel mugs can sometimes become stained by coffee, tea or other beverages. if you have an older cup that you want to rejuvenate and give some additional life to–or if you simply want to remove the stains–you can try one of these tricks. the first is good old baking soda and vinegar..

Coffee drinkers know all to well that coffee stains. not only clothing, but also teeth, dishes, counters and other areas where the brown liquid may fall. coffee stains can be difficult to get off of many surfaces, including stainless steel., how to deep clean your stainless steel travel mug put a tablespoon of baking soda in the body of your stainless steel travel mug. add a good pour of cheap household vinegar. allow the mixture to bubble. pour the mixture out and rinse thoroughly with tap water. how do you clean a metal coffee mug?