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Z-gelled-microfiber-pillow, filled with gel-coated microfibers, the soft, consistent filling of the gelled microfiber® pillow can be molded to your ideal comfort level. its soft, consistent filling does not shift or clump. the luxurious down feel of this pillow offers the versatility of down without odors, allergens, and sharp quills.. Gelled microfiber offers the benefits and feel of down, however skipping out on the smell, pokiness of feathers and allergenic tendencies. the siliconized tiny microfibers combine to create a consistent, resilient and traditional filled pillow feel. unlike down, the filling will not clump and doesn't flatten and go limp over time., traditional shape fits pillowcases and complements bedroom decorthe gelled microfiber pillow by malouf offers the benefits and feel of down, however skipping out on the smell, pokiness of feathers, and allergenic tendencies. tiny siliconized microfibers combine to create a consistent, resilient, and traditional filled pillow feel..

Snuggle up with the z™ gelled microfiber® pillow and experience the luxurious feel of down without the odor, allergens, and sharp quills. with a soft, consistent filling of gel-coated microfibers, this moldable pillow provides the ideal level of comfort no matter what position you sleep in., z gelled microfiber pillow - hypoallergenic - cotton cover - returned in damaged package - queen and king size - available in limited quantities condition: returned, exterior packaging may be damaged or have defects..

Z gelled microfiber pillow with gel-infused memory foam layer: gel-coated microfibers create a soft, comfortable filling that doesn't clump, shift or go flat gel-infused memory foam layer provides support without overheating microfiber fill provides a plush, down-like feel without any odor or allergens , malouf gelled microfiber pillow , perfect for a quick fix to getting a great night of sleep. 3-year warranty. order online today.. The gelled microfiber pillow is part of malouf’s z collection, which includes more than 60 luxury-crafted pillows that are mostly sold at above-average price-points., before use, i agree to read the included brand guidelines and only use logos in a manner consistent with the rules specified therein. download does not indicate ownership or rights..

The gelled microfiber pillow features a gel-infused down alternative microfibers encased in a cotton-percale cover. this pillow is available in queen, king, and body pillow sizes. additionally, malouf offers gelled microfiber + gel dough and gelled microfiber + shredded latex hybrid pillows that incorporate elements of two distinct designs.