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Zendesk-help-desk-migration, help desk migration is an automated service to migrate your data from various platforms directly into zendesk (zendesk import).. what you may migrate automatically. tickets ; contacts ; users ; companies ; attachments ; notes ; custom fields ; knowledge base; also you can use custom migration service in case you have specific migration requirements.. Since we use oauth for zendesk migrations, all you need to do is enter the url to your help desk in the appropriate field: then, you will be taken to a new tab with a zendesk log in form. sign in your zendesk as you normally would and continue setting up the migration. did this answer your question?, the move from milldesk to zendesk is easy with an automated migration service. free demo available. online support and intuitive setup..

Hi chase, you can import data using our api but you'll need to do some custom coding to make that work. we have some developer documentation describing this process.. if you don't have developer resources then there are third party companies that can port your data into zendesk for a fee., hey phronesis, if you'd like to migrate your content over to your existing account, you'll need to use the help center api to do so. there's also a 3rd party app available within the app marketplace that could migrate your content over for you: help desk migration if you have any questions regarding the app, you'll want to contact the developers directly..

Are you looking for a simple way to import a csv file with your customer data in to zendesk? we have an easy automated solution for you: https://help-desk-mi..., switching help desk is not a hard task anymore. the presentation shows the process of data transfer from zendesk to teamwork desk with the help of our automat….

Compare the best help desk migration alternatives by pricing, reviews and other metrics. explore 15+ top alternatives to help desk migration that have great features. also get free demo., discover the best zendesk integrations that offer ease in inventory control, minimize repetition in support answers, and break down language barriers. Here’s a short presentation showing how to move all your records from servicenow to freshdesk! use an automated migration tool - an easy and secure way for you…