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Zipwake-trim-tabs-problems, mike walsh at marine services corp. in dalton, ill., has been working with trim tabs and interceptor systems for years. recently he installed the zipwake dynamic trim-control system on two boats that couldn’t be more opposite in terms of design or intended use: a grand banks trawler and a cruisers 45 cantius.. We tested imtra’s new zipwake trim tab system and its claims of improving a boat’s performance and fuel efficiency. the results surprised even us., imtra's zipwake product manager jamie simmons explains the key differences between trim tabs and interceptors. if you’ve ever owned or operated a powerboat, you’re likely familiar with trim tabs, used to lift the transom of the boat up, and push the bow down to help the boat plane and ride comfortably. however, in the last….

To magazine home page. maximize trim with new zipwake. by rich armstrong. technological innovation can be found all over modern boats, so it was inevitable that evolution reached trim tabs., yep, i know rob, i was going to go lenco's but i've had a rethink basis the way i had the kit cut, i'm running a 650 wide pod so with another 300 of tab hanging off that i'm looking at a meter of line clearance from the outside transom wall, 1300 from the inner transom wall..

Learn about zipwake's dynamic boat trim control system, which is 5-10x faster than traditional trim tabs. the zipwake solution is the world's first economical automatic trim control system, and will enhance the performance and fuel economy of your vessel in addition to the comfort and safety of your guests., a kit box includes all parts needed to install a dynamic trim control system with one pair of fast-acting interceptors. there are four different kit boxes with straight interceptors, one for each interceptor length, and two different kit boxes with chine interceptors..

Install zipwake dynamic trim control system for a safer, more comfortable ride. watch the sea trial video to see the stability control, improved performance and more efficient lift offered by the ..., a revolution. we’re proud to present zipwake, the new, dynamic trim-control system that’s set to revolutionise the boat world. featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative design, zipwake delivers a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption – whatever the conditions.