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Zz-plant-potting-medium, zz plants are not overly picky about their potting medium as long as it is well-draining. most standard potting mixes should be sufficient for your zz plant. if additional drainage is required, mixing in perlite or sand will help.. A quick note about watering. regardless of the soil you use to plant your zz into, proper watering goes a long way towards a healthy plant. zz plants don’t like to sit in water, and you can attribute almost every issue it has (yellowing leaves, stunted growth, rot) to overwatering., origin: east africa height: slow-growing, but can reach up to 3 ft (90 cm) indoors, confined to a pot. it grows much taller in its native habitat. light: you'll get the best growth and healthiest plant by keeping it in bright, indirect sunlight, though it will tolerate low light. morning sun is fine, but keep it out of hot, direct sunlight which can scorch its leaves..

Zamioculas zamiifolia, commonly known as the zz plant, is an evergreen flowering houseplant. you'll learn that this plant can forgo neglection. keep reading for further plant care instruction., mix together equal parts sphagnum peat moss, horticultural perlite, organic compost and sterilized loam. use enough of each ingredient in the potting medium to fill the pot you will put the zz in.....

1 part peat or coco coir and 1 part perlite. add in some compost like worm castings to give the soil mixture some nutritional value! for succulent type plants like zz and sanseveiria add more..., keep zz plant in a location that receives bright, indirect light throughout most of the day, such as a north- or south-facing window. use a growing medium made of one part peat moss and two parts potting soil to provide adequate drainage and fertility for growth..

The zz plant (zamioculcas zamiifolia) is an excellent choice of low maintenance houseplant that will look fantastic in your home. one of the only things that causes problems is issues with watering., this is the mother plant. see how jazzy & glossy the leaves are! it’s putting out so much new growth this fall. pruning. not much is needed. the main reasons to prune this plant are for propagation or to prune off the occasional lower yellow leaf or bending, arching stem.. While zz plants can take direct light, you may see some scalding on the leaves if it is left in direct light. additionally, curling leaves, yellowing, and leaning can all be an indication of too much light. when you notice curling taking place, it typically means the plant is trying to move away from the light source.