1980 50 cent coin value

1980 50 cent coin value

p half dollar value. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 50 Cent Coin at the best online prices at ebay! Picture 2 of 2. Old Zimbabwe Coin - 50 Cents - Circulated A genuine old Zimbabwean coin! Radiant Sun Rising, Symbolic of Independence, Value.

1980 50 cent coin value -

The Charlton standard catalogue lists narrow and wide date with high and low 4 half dollars but I find the differences to be relatively insignificant and difficult to sort out and not important enough to be bothered with here. Most reference now list three varieties of this date: full design 1 Full design - four visible ground lines inside the 0 with the top line extending more than half way across. The two major divisions are those minted in without a small maple leaf after the date, and those minted in which have the small maple leaf after the date. The one distinctive variety is that called the "hoof" or "hoof over" where a die crack extends from the unicorn's hoof and onto the 9, making it look like the hoof overlays part of the 9. The maple leaf types are much scarcer than those without, and the maple leaf with the straight 7 or curved left 7 is very rare. Each of those are found with either a curved 7 curved right 7 or a 7 curved left 7.

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1980 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Values!


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