Postman common functions. The Official List of 2021 API Month Highlights


Since APIs are already critical to every industry, it was about time they got their own spot on the calendar. An entire month in honor of all things API?  Yes. This year, we made it official: April is API Month. Because, well, you can’t spell “April” without “API.”

Now that API Month has come to a close, let’s take a look at some of the API-related things we celebrated over the last 30 days, shall we?

How We Built Postman—the Product and the Company

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off API Month. With Postman having recently passed 17 million developers on the Postman API Platform and 50 million active Postman Collections, Postman Co-founder and CEO Abhinav Asthana shared the story of how it all started and where it’s going in this revealing API Month blog post.

Announcing Unlimited Collaboration for Small Teams in Postman

Postman was proud to announce unlimited API collaboration for teams of up to three in Postman—to fuel greater innovation across our community. Abhinav shared the details on this breakthrough platform update in his recent blog post.

Introducing Auto-Flex for Teams

APIs are inherently collaborative, and teams are working together in Postman to do incredible things every day. However, we received feedback from the Postman community that the process of adding team members to a Postman plan wasn’t as quick or as flexible as it should be. We responded: The new Auto-Flex team policy means you can add as many team members as you need, at any time, without adding any up-front costs. Learn more details here.

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Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane signed the amicus brief in April’s landmark, API-centered Google vs. Oracle case in the US Supreme Court. Read Kin’s take on the wide-ranging implications the court’s rulings may have on the future of APIs here.

Announcing the New Postman Open Technologies Program

With our brand-new Postman Open Technologies Program, Postman is increasing our support of open source API technology. Kin Lane shared exactly what we’re doing with the program and how you can get involved in his April blog post.


Introducing “In the Spotlight” on the Postman Public API Network

The Postman API Network has more than 14,000 workspaces for you to browse. With such a large volume, we were excited to announce a new “Spotlight” section on the API Network that’s designed to make it easier for you to discover the best APIs, collections, and workspaces. Explore the public workspaces currently showcased as part of the “In the Spotlight” lists here.

Announcing the Postman Student Leader Program

We’re thrilled about the recent launch the Postman Student Leader program, providing students hands-on experience with public speaking, event planning, and teaching API skills—all so that they can make a greater impact on their campus communities. Meet the first class of Postman Student Leaders, and learn how to join us in spreading API literacy on your campus by reading the blog post.

How to Reorder Examples in Your Collection Sidebar

One of the most requested improvements from the brilliant API developers who use Postman, reflected by this GitHub issue, was the ability to reorder examples. In April we were happy to bring the solution: You can now reorder examples in the collection from the sidebar by selecting them and dragging them to their new place, similar to how you can reorder requests and folders. Learn about this popular new feature here.

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Introducing the All-New Run in Postman Button

With our new Run in Postman button, you can now “fork” API collections simply by creating a copy of the collection while maintaining a link to the parent collection. Check out how easy you can leverage this new button here.

Filtering and Sorting APIs Using the Postman API

Yes, it’s a double dose of API goodness. With the ability to filter and sort APIs using the Postman API, you’re now able to fine-tune the way you retrieve APIs and offer the best experience to your users. Learn how to get started here.

New Custom Alerts to Monitor Your Public Footprint on Postman

With more API collaboration comes more need for API security measures. You can now set custom alerts on the Postman token scanner to get notifications when a token is exposed, which allows you to better monitor your public footprint on Postman. Learn how to set your alerts here.

Introducing Postman’s New Parameters for OAuth 2.0

Authentication is a fundamental part of APIs, and OAuth 2.0 has become a leading authorization standard because, among other things, the OAuth 2.0 standard keeps evolving and getting fine-tuned as years progress. We continue to listen to our community feedback in order to stay aligned with the evolving OAuth 2.0 standards. As a result, Postman recently added the ability to specify some additional parameters for OAuth 2.0 that will help you in your workflows. Learn more in this blog post.

Introducing Postman Groups: Manage Users with Easier Access Control

With the growing number of users being added to and collaborating in Postman teams, managing access to resources for each individual user can be hard and tedious for team admins. So we’ve made it easier. The new Postman groups feature enables team admins to organize team members into functional groups and quickly manage roles for each group as a whole. Learn how to get started with Postman groups in this blog post.

  Postman common functions. Filtering and Sorting APIs Using the Postman API

Looking forward to API Month 2022

With so much still in store for the world of APIs and for Postman, we’re already looking forward to shining the spotlight during next year’s API Month (that’s April of 2022, so mark your calendars now). Until then, we’ll continue to keep the API community, API news, and Postman improvements at the heart of all we do.

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